"Thank you again for your helpful, and down-to-earth approach to such a difficult subject."

Larry Fagerhaug, Pfizer


"Your enthusiasm and humor greatly improved the overall experience and the interactivity of this program and participation among the audience retained their interest."

Annette Barnitz, Motorola, Inc.


“The presentation was beneficial because the discussion revolved around realistic examples and challenges.”

Gina Locascio, Deloitte


"Karen's program provides terrific insight to improve the impact and effectiveness of communication with your co-workers, customers and friends. She delivers it in a warm and energetic style that connects with the audience and makes her program as much fun as it is educational."

Bob McKay, BCU, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer


"I found your presentations to be inspiring. Your energy was boundless, your enthusiasm and humor compelling."

Kevin McGrath, Chief, Complaints Management Branch, Civil Rights Division, United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Inspection Service


"We appreciate the time you took to tailor your presentation to our audience as well as your enthusiasm and solid content."

Fran Rickenbach, Executive Vice President, Association of Destination Management Executives


"I think she is fabulous. Her presentation is very high energy, but focused. She is very easy to work with."

Gregory Moore, Editor of the Denver Post, for American Society of Newspaper Editors


“Your light-hearted and dynamic style intrigued the group and motivated them to follow the suggestions you provided.“

Shelly Green, Manager, Employee Relations, USG Corporation

karen purves
Karen E. Purves, M.A., International Speaker

Welcome! Imagine a speaker who provides inspiring, interactive programs filled with proven, research-based, relevant material and immediate take-aways. Visualize your audience energized, laughing and participating. Award winning, Las Vegas-based speaker Karen E. Purves M.A. has built a solid client base providing these results for over 15 years! Effective communication is essential for success. In the last decade neuroscience has made incredible strides in understanding how what we hear people say to us, affects our brains, and therefore our responses. As a communications expert specializing in how language affects emotional centers in the brain, Karen shares immediately usable tips for communication via email, phone and in person, both internally with staff or externally for customer service, sales or marketing.

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  How is Karen Different?
  Four Reasons You Can be Confident Hiring Karen
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  Click here for video clips of COMMUNICATION 1
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*Highest Rated and Most Requested Programs below*

Recently Updated! Communicate With Strength - Key Words That Undermine Your Effectiveness - Got the right words? Laugh and learn in this session filled with the latest solutions in effective communication, based on neuroscience principles. What are you saying that’s causing your staff and clients to subtly feel uncooperative or defensive? Karen will tell you - and give you replacement words and phrases! Leave with an immediate, specific, action plan to talk smart!

Recently Updated! This is How You Do It – Proven Secrets to Email Etiquette - Do you know the four letter word that instantly increases the response rate to your emails? Find out the answer while participating in this cutting edge, jam packed, interactive session filled with proven email tips. You’ll learn easy, time-saving solutions to help ensure others open, read and respond to your emails, as well as how Karen gets over a 90% response rate to her emails. After participating in this program attendees, on average, said their ability to write a more effective email improved 74%.

Recently Updated! Wag More, Bark Less - Reducing Negativity in the Workplace - Deal with difficult people? Spend too much of your day handling personality conflicts among staff? Explore 14 different ways people express negativity and learn a tip for dealing with each one. You’ll learn effective skills on handling a broad spectrum of negative personality styles - and see how you can adjust your own attitude to help stay positive and improve organizational excellence! Receive tips on exactly what to say to whom, so you can go back to work and do something different immediately. After participating in this program attendees, on average, said their ability to handle negative situations in the workplace improved 28%.

Gender Matters – Effectively Influencing Men Differently Than Women - Karen pairs her relatable, funny and energetic style with her original scientific research to offer attendees a unique, current, content-rich program on maximizing buy-in from men and women on procedures, products and services. This session offers the latest in cutting edge brain science and answers your questions on the best way to influence men and women. Audience members will leave with 12 techniques to apply immediately to thrive in a challenging economy!

Becoming a Lie Spy – Clues if someone's being honest - Want to better understand human behavior and help identify when people behave in a trustworthy manner? There’s a science to decoding unconscious behaviors and you can hone your observational skills to help you, and others, act with integrity. This innovative and engaging program shares numerous, practical, insider tips to identify cues and gain insight on human behavior. You’ll leave better able to gather information and trust your judgment about someone’s behavior to reduce deception. Karen shares specific steps to get to the truth, preventing costly mistakes, increasing positive outcomes and allowing you to make better decisions!

Additional programs available!

How is Karen Different?

Bold. Spunky. Credible.  Karen uses improv skills honed at The Second City (think: “Whose line is it anyway?”) to offer interactive, customized programs using audience examples during each session – a winning combo of content and fun, for results-oriented programs that always offer immediately usable tips. Here’s a little equation to help you get to know me: Karen = actual 3-time game show winner (lots of energy) + a little bit of Tina Fey (funny, improv) +  a dash of Wikipedia (cutting edge content!)

Four Reasons You Can be Confident Hiring Karen

Four reasons you can be confident hiring Karen:

  1. Karen offers this guarantee: in any program you choose, she’ll offer useful material in an engaging way with immediately usable information.
  2. Karen understands what matters to planners (“having a speaker that is flexible and easy to work with and makes you look good!”) and attendees (“give us something enjoyable that we haven’t heard before and is worth our time and attention!”)
  3. Karen has a proven track record with clients from Fortune 100 companies to associations to government, from Las Vegas to Bangkok
  4. Audiences sense that Karen truly cares about their success which, combined with her contagious energy, generates an active dialogue with the audience. She specializes in mixing some solid science and research with humorous personal stories to deliver practical, proven, solution oriented “how to techniques” to apply for business success


Karen offers a range of fees to meet most budgets. After a telephone call to assess your program goals, you'll  receive a written quote. It's very important to me that I provide you with at least one option that meets your budget needs so kindly call 702-724-4912 or email with your inquiry. I look forward to the opportunity to bring value to your event!

Karen E. Purves, M.A.
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